How to Setup Email Addresses

Setting up Email Addresses is easy. We will email you the relevant details on setting up the Email Addresses once you have signed up with us.

Anyway, below are the steps as to how you can setup your Email Addresses:

First, you need to go to the following Administrator interface, ie, and login using the Username and Password which we have created for you.

After login, you will need to follow the steps below to set up your email addresses:

  • Under the “Email” menu, click on “Email Accounts”
  • Type in your preferred username in the “Email” field
  • Type in your preferred password in the “Password” field
  • Re-type your password one more time in the “Password (Again)” field
  • Finally, click the “Create” button and you’re done
  • And if you need to create another email address, follow the steps above one more time

Once you set up your email addresses, you can subsequently check the webmail for the newly created account by logging into with the full username ( and password for the email account that you have created earlier.

Easy ain’t it?